Information about Kelly DeYoe

This is my latest minimal information about me web page, replacing the outdated one I originally wrote in 1995 and patched up a bit here and there up to 1997, after which it just sat languishing for years. Originally, this was to be the start of reorganizing my pages, but I've decided I'm just not self-absorbed enough to redo and keep it all up to date. So this page is all you're getting. (Some of the old pages still exist for historical purposes, and you might be led to them from links from elsewhere, but I'm no longer linking to them, even indirectly, from here.)

For the past four years I've lived in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC after living for almost 2 years in the Logan Circle neighborhood, and previously living for 2 years in suburban Rockville, Maryland. Before that, I spent almost a decade living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I grew up in Reston, Virginia, and have lived in (and had a love-hate relationship with) the Washington, DC metro area for most of my life.

Currently I work for the Broadcasting Board of Governors, an independent agency of the United States Government. Prior to this position, I was most recently employed by Ericsson IP Infrastructure in Rockville, Maryland. I have previously worked for Carnegie Mellon University, UUNET Technologies and briefly for the United States Geological Survey.

My education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics / Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. I am also a 1991 graduate of the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

There are numerous projects I have been involved with online over the last 15 years. I was the founder and first administrator of a fan mailing list for Siouxsie and the Banshees, ran the News of the Weird mailing list and hosted the first official News of the Weird web site. I have also run the Pittsburgh Goth List and companion announcements only list for quite a number of years.

I was a disc jockey at radio station WRCT from 1992 - 1997. I also am a founding member of the gothic / industrial club DJ collective, The Night Shift, and DJed at Ceremony as a Night Shift member from January 1997 until May 2000.

People who are important to me include my best friend Elise Soroka, my brother, Sean DeYoe, and all the folks from the DHP crew.

For the past 2 years I have been geocaching both in and around the DC area as well as on my travels elsewhere. At times, I have spent too much time entering and rubber stamping money that comes through my hands, and listening to music. You can also take a look at what I'm keeping busy reading online on regular basis.

Since as far back as 1992, I've been aware that I am not the only "Kelly DeYoe" out there in the world. As of right now, I know of at least three others who are online anyway. I do not live in the southern United States, and never went to school or worked at a university there, and have no interest in games involving shooting orange balls into horizontal metal rings with nets played between institutions of higher learning. Also, I am not a minor from a large western state involved in a youth organization generally known for activities in rural agricultural areas. I'm also not a member of any church in the southwestern U.S. Finally, my middle name does not begin with the letter between "I" and "K".

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