The Domain Is Not For Sale

Periodically, I receive email from people interested in purchasing the domain, and the rate at which I get these queries seems to be increasing. I guess I can understand why, 'nine' is a four character English word, and also a pretty good candidate for an acronym, both of which are in pretty short supply for available domain names these days.

However, I'm sorry, but the domain is really not for sale. I've used this domain name since November, 1993 as both my personal domain and originally for quite a few projects I was involved with. Even though most of those projects have spun off into different domains of their own now, I'm still pretty attached to as my personal domain.

That being said, however, everyone does have their price. Please do not contact me about purchasing the domain unless you're willing to offer me ridiculous amounts of money for the domain. If you want to ensure a response, please make your initial offer right in the email, labelled as a 'ridiculous offer' so I know you've read this page.

As for what is a ridiculous amount of money? Well, certainly it is more than I would ever pay for a domain name, and probably more than you (as an individual) would consider paying for a domain name. It would be a sum of money that would make additional major purchases possible, and considering I'm a pretty well-paid computer professional, that's a lot of money.