kelly@9's Geocaching Pages

Contacting kelly@9

There are many ways to reach me, so don't be shy.

Your best bet to contact me if you're a registered user on is to just send me email through the contact form there. I do tend to take a few days to respond to email often, so if your reason for contacting me is of a more urgent nature, you may wish to do so via another means than email.

For those who use instant messaging, you can also feel free to contact me using Yahoo! Messenger as kelly_at_9 . Please just be aware that I tend to stay logged into IM all the time and idle even when I'm not at the computer, so don't be surprised if I do not respond immediately. Unless you also tend to be online on Yahoo! Messenger a lot, giving me your handle in your IM might be a good idea so I can respond via email in case I keep missing you on IM.

Another place where I can sometimes be reached is on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) on the official geocaching IRC channel — #geocache on SlashNET. If I'm logged in, usually it is just as kelly, though often I may be idle or away. If you don't already use IRC, the easiest way to get on is probably to use ClayJar's Java-based IRC client which runs in a web browser window and will get you connected right into #geocache.

Members of both NoVAGO and MGS will find that I am on the Phone-A-Friend list for each group, so if you are also, you will have my telephone number and can feel free to call me for help on a cache or anything else geocaching-related (or not).

If you're not registered on and thus cannot use the contact form there to email me, you can probably guess my direct email address without too much trouble, it is pretty obvious. I won't list it here even in an obfuscated form to help keep the spambots away though.