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Oooh, pretty pictures!

I've found geocaches in little pockets a bit of all over the United States, while on trips for both business and pleasure, and so these maps show a bit of where all I've been. I hope to add some international caching sometime soon, and will add some world maps to these pages once I do so.

The map of my finds over the last 30 days and my caches hidden (& adopted) are Google Maps mashups created by exporting GPX files with the relevent filtered data from GSAK, and uploading them to the handy GPS Visualizer web site which does all the heavy lifting to generate all the code needed to produce these live maps with my geocaching data.

For a brief time, it was possible to include neat stuff like these Google Maps on one's profile page using IFRAMES, but it has since been turned off as a security precaution, which bummed me out, but also served as the inspiration for the creation of these pages on my own web site.

The other maps are static images created by the It's Not About The Numbers web site, which can be viewed in their original form there, but are not hot-linkable, so periodically I will fetch them from there, resize them to look right on my pages, and put them up here. The state maps for Maryland and Virginia give a pretty good idea of how much I get around geocaching the entire Washington, D.C. area!