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Geocaching from Capitol Hill in Washington, DC since 12/2005.

Even though I've had an interest in geocaching for several years and joined in 2003, I only logged my first find in December 2005. I received my GPSr as a Christmas gift while out visting family in Billings, Montana, so logged my first find there — 1665 miles from home!

I  am an actual resident of Washington, DC, and am one of only a handful of geocachers who actually lives in the city! If you are a cacher who also lives in the city of Washington, DC (not nearby in Maryland or Virginia), please contact me!

These pages allow me to put up more information, maps, and statistics than is possible in my profile. It used to be possible to include more off-site info on one's profile page using IFRAMES, but this has since been disabled for security reasons.

I  work in computer networking and information technology for an agency of the United States Government. My girlfriend sometimes geocaches with me under the name of trouthead and my father sometimes geocaches with me as KD2. Besides geocaching, my hobbies include online gaming and just spending way too much time goofing off online in one way or another.

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